Antarctica: 90 Degrees South Western Reserve Public Media



Procedures for Using the Simulation

Introductory Activity

Developing a Definition/Freewrite

Citing Electronic Sources MLA Style

Research Summaries

Pre-Interview Conference Sheet

Post-Interview Conference Sheet

Student Worksheet to Write the Debate / Discussion Position Notes

Final Evaluation of Antarctica: 90 Degrees South

Fact-Finding Teams


Pre-Interview Conference Sheet

Name __________________________________________________


Who are you interviewing?



Why did you choose this person? Who led you to find this person or how did you find out about him/her? What do you expect this person to know that will help your Fact-Finding Team's point of view?







How do you intend to record the information you learn? (Note-taking, videotaping, audiotaping?)






What questions will you ask?






Date, time and location of interview?










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