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Food Webs



Students will research what food is eaten by the following organisms: penguins leopard seals, krill, elephant seals, petrels, albatross, fur seals, squid, insects and grass.

Students will make a food web using the data they have gathered.


Standards Addressed

Life Science
Grade 5

3-5 Benchmark

B. Analyze plant and animal structures and functions needed for survival and describe the flow of energy through a system that all organisms use to survive.

Diversity and Interdependence of Life / Y2003.CSC.S02.G03-05.BB.L05.I02

02. Explain how almost all kinds of animals’ food can be traced back to plants.


Diversity and Interdependence of Life / Y2003.CSC.S02.G03-05.BB.L05.I03

03. Trace the organization of simple food chains and food webs (e.g., producers, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores and decomposers).






  1. Students will discuss what life forms are present in Antarctica.

  2. Break students into groups and have each group go online or go to the library to find out what each of the following organisms eat:

    • Penguins (eats krill, squid and small fish)

    • Albatross (eats krill, squid and small fish)

    • Petrel — small to medium sea birds (eats plankton, krill, squid and small fish)

    • Fur seals (eats krill, fish, squid and sometimes penguin)

    • Elephant seals (eats squid — 75% of its food — and fish)

    • Leopard seals (eats squid, fish, krill and penguins)

    • Sperm whales (eats squid, fish, birds, seals and other whales)

    • Blue whales (eats krill and fish)

    • Krill (eats plankton, krill eggs and krill larvae)


  3. Pass out the student activity sheet so that they can fill in what each organism eats.

  4. Students will then get with a partner and construct a food web using the information that they gathered. If you wish, you can give the students copies of the pictures to use in their web.



Chart is filled in correctly 10, 8, 6, 4, 0

Food chain is correct 10, 8, 6, 4, 0


Pictures are from Lindblad Expeditions

Pictures are NOT to scale!

Adelie Penguin




Elephant Seal

Fur Seal


Leopard Seals




Blue Whale


Sperm Whale




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