Pun with the Elements

With a wild imagination and a flair for puns, you will be able to use the names of many of the elements to take place of other words or phrases.  Some are very straight forward, but many of the homonyms require quite a stretch of imagination!  So, get out the periodic charts and have fun!!!

  1. Police Officer.

  2.  Lone Ranger’s Horse.

  3. If they are not here, they ….

  4. To press a blouse/shirt.

  5. Motto for an oil well-drilling company

  6. What you should do with dead people’s bodies.

  7. A fixture in your house with a faucet and a drain.

  8. Wholenium X  ˝.

  9. A ridiculous prisoner.

  10. A burial chamber that weighs 2000 pounds.

  11. Guided or directed.

  12. “Grab that guy!!”

  13. What do you do before you brand a steer.

  14. A popular pink or red flower found in pots.

  15. A Latin Mickey Mouse’s dog.

  16. Someone who helps people in distress is a good …

  17. After successfully riding a bronco, a rancher shouts “I …”

  18. What do you do if you are big, ‘dark cloud’.

  19. Speaking of beautiful mountains, you might say “They …”

  20. Funds from your mother’s sister.

  21. Opposite of hot.

  22. A person form Norway, Sweden, or Finland.

  23. A Native American.

  24. If people are sick, the doctor will …

  25. A wrestler holding down an opponent may have a  …. them.

  26. The kitchen of a Roman ship

  27. The police may stage on a bookie joint.

  28. A roll shaped like an automobile.

  29. A person for Troy who only goes out after dark.

  30. What a fatally wounded person might say.

  31. Boards that have been nailed down to walk upon.

  32. What kings, queens, princesses, and princes do

  33. A name for a person who talks too much.

  34. How to order beer in a German restaurant

  35. Function of a bulletproof vest.

  36. Upper class of Troy.

  37. What you do to the wrinkles when you iron a shirt.

  38. Storage place for cars.

  39. What some school courses are (not this one).

  40. Half of a dime.

  41. Not fat .

  42. Donnie and Marie ….