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Weather Web Links

General | Air Pressure | Clouds | Floods | Forecasting | Hurricanes | Temperature | Tornadoes | Wind


Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page — Games, Quizzes and Activities

For Kids Only  Earth Science Enterprise — Has four areas, Air, Natural Hazards, Land and Water 

Franklin's Forecast — Lots of topics covered

National Climatic Weather Center — World's largest data base of climatic data

National Geographic — Weather Lots of videos showing the results of different weather events — Under the Teacher Heading

Nick Walker:  the "Weather Dude" — Contains songs, quizzes, answers and much more

Sky Watchers

Storm Spotters Guide


Weather Scope — Real time weather project

WeatherWhat Forces Affect Our Weather? (The Weather Channel)

Weather Scope — Online project on weather

Weather Wiz for Kids — Has facts, folklore, games, jokes experiments and much more

Web Weather for Kids — Stories, games, lessons and activities


Air Pressure

What happens when a storm comes?

U. of Illinois Air pressure



Clouds and Fog — Lots of links

Clouds and Precipitation

Web Weather for Kids: Clouds — Activities, games and information



Nova, Flood!  (PBS)


How do you measure weather?

Teacher's Guide to Forecasting



How do hurricanes work?

The Hurricane of '38 — Survivors' accounts, and lesson plans available. 

Hurricane Storm Center — Resources for elementary students


Web Weather for Kids: Hurricanes — Activities, games and information



Temperature World



Scholastic: Tornadoes

The WhyFiles: Going Around in Circles — Tornadoes


Web Weather for Kids: Thunderstorms and Tornados — Activities, games and information



Mt. Washington Observatory


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